How mind maps can help you writing an article?

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How mind maps can help you writing an article?



During brainstorming there are no bad ideas!

I have a working Sunday ahead since I decided to go crazy and write an article for a scientific journal in a week. I know the topic, I did the research and yes it’s “only” 15 pages… but then I sit in front of the computer and all of a sudden my head is completely empty. Empty is actually not a good word! My head is FULL of thoughts and ideas that in no way want to connect to each other in a logical sequence! So I get up and think to myself: “WALK will certainly help!” So I wonder around the park muttering something to myself … pretending that I do not see the surprised looks of the passerby.  Once in a while I shout “I got it!”. I reach for the phone and quickly dictate something. Unfortunately when I get home and listen back to myself it turns out that whatever seemed so painfully logical and clear is just one big gibberish!


How about a shower? I usually get good ideas under the shower! Not his time. Maybe a mind-clearing nap then? Great idea – I just can’t seem to fall asleep, because thoughts and ideas rumble in my head, as if they were playing tag.

Does it also happen to you? Then you might want to look into something that works for me – mind maps. There are quite a few free and paid online mind map tools. You may ask why online? Previously, I tried to draw on paper. This didn’t work  for me though. Why? I was hard to rearrange and remove something already drawn. And I ended up redrawing all the time. So I tried with post-its because it was easier to reorder, rebuild, move etc. Unfortunately, it turned out that a structure built on “key-words” begins to fall apart when I sit down to write the article.

All ideas gathered, sorted, coloured! Ready to write!

So now I’m using online tools. I start by writing down ALL ideas.  Just like during a brainstorm – no idea is silly.  Some ideas don’t make it to the article (but they are  a great material for another one!). Some, after I segregate and order them, make it to the article. Of course, this order is changed several times (at least!).  While I constantly rearrange and reorder key-words turn into whole sentences, sometimes even into paragraphs, which then I can easily copy and paste the article.

And then suddenly the million thoughts seem ordered … time to go back from the blog to writing my article! And as to mind maps – try, and you check yourself – they might work for you as well!

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