How to miss your plane being too early?

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How to miss your plane being too early?



Last week I went to the Accessibility in Film, Television and Interactive Media conference. It was organized by the University of York. The whole thing was very successful … although it started with a small catastrophe. We drove to the airport very early (like really early!). We have planned to have a coffee, eat breakfast … you know no unnecessary rush…

So we get to the automatic ticket gate… Happy, but still a bit asleep… Gian Maria – green light. Olivia – green light. Ania – red. We try again. Ania – red. And then it comes to me that my ticket is not for Friday but for Saturday!

Unfortunately I could not change the reservation … it was too late. OMG! What do I do? Hotel paid. If I arrived on Saturday, I would get there… just after my presentation! Somehow I managed not to get mad – maybe because everyone kept telling me that “it happens to all of us” (Yeah, right!). I was also able to find another plane just a few hours later. And I was lucky enough to get… the very last seat! And in the end I got to York in time;)

This has never really happened to me before! And you? Do not be shy 😉 Join the club of people who came to the plane too early or too late. Who slept too late, or bought tickets twice! I assure you that it is a very respectable club!


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  1. Łukasz says:

    Mnie się to jeszcze nie zdarzyło, ale często odczuwam taki lęk, że pomylę dni albo godziny 🙂 Kiedyś pewnie tak będzie.

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