Fat Thursday! Dijous Gras!

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Fat Thursday! Dijous Gras!



Butifarra blanca

Today is Fat Thursday (Tłusty Czwartek). In Poland everyone goes on a doughnut extravaganza! People don’t queue for donuts in the streets of Barcelona, but that does not mean that Fat Thursday doesn’t exist here! I had no clue about it until today when I brought doughnuts for work! And everyone said! We also celebrate it! We call it Dijous Gras (Fat Thursday)  and is the official beginning of the carnival party that lasts until Tuesday.  How is Dijous Gras celebrated in Catalonia? In some cities and districts there is music and dancing, and in almost all of them people eat botifarra d’ou – a pork sausage with eggs (some also make a tortilla with it) and coca de llardons – a shortcrust pastry sprinkled with sugar and pine nuts, and filled with… pork cracklings 😉 And what did we de? We decided to combine both traditions and went for chocolate con churros 😉


Coca de ladrons


Tortilla z botifarrą

Churros z czekoladą

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