Abracadabra or galvanic skin response!

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Abracadabra or galvanic skin response!



Staying in Barcelona is not only about running my research project. It is also an opportunity to participate in current Transmedia Catalonia  projects and in their daily lives. As part of all this, we have recently been trained in galvanic skin response. In human language – we checked how our skin, by sweating, responds to emotional stimuli like stress associated with a wrongly performed test or watching violent scenes. To put it simpler  – we played with a lie detector.


It’s super interesting, because all these methods known to psychologists are only just entering the research on accessibility! And from text analysis we are goint into “real” experiments!. By the way, the tests were stressful! Have you ever heard of the Stroop effect? What is it about? On determining the response time per task. Most often it is determined through the color test.  Wanna try? Try to say the names of the colors in which these words are displayed as soon as possible: green red blue yellow blue yellow. How did it go? Not bad?

Lets try again! Try to say the names of the colors in which these words are displayed as soon as possible: green red blue yellow blue yellow. This time it probably did not go so fast, right? Are you nervous about the fact that you weren’t as fast? That you were wrong? This would show in psychogalvanic reaction. And what will we use this method for? For example, to check which audio description is causing more emotion. More about it soon!


We trained as part of the NEA project, and we were trained by Michał Kuniecki and Kinga Wołoszyn-Hohol from … the Jagiellonian University. So it’s also an interesting adventure that we met so far away from where we all are 😉


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