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Scientific abracadabra!



Staying at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona is not just about my “ADDit!” project. While here, I also have the opportunity to participate in other projects of the TransMedia Catalonia research group. One of them is the New Approaches to Accessibility project, or NEA in short.

As part of it – together with the team from TransMedia and psychologists from the Laboratory of Psychophysiology at the Institute of Psychology of the Jagiellonian University (I really had to go so far to work with people that normally are just cross the street!) I was conducting an experiment on  audio description reading.


I’m not sure if you know, but curently the audio description is read quite monotonously. So we decided to check what will happen when we start reading it with more interpretation. We do not know the results yet, but I wanted to tell you about the study itself, because it was very unusual for me. So far, we have not used too many methods in psychology in our research, we have rather analyzed the text of the audio description, we conducted surveys, some have used the eye-tracker, a device that examines exactly where you look when you look at the screen… but experimental research is something we are only starting to do.


And in this study we used the sorcery really! Our participants watched 20 clips with variously read audio-descriptions and we checked how their hearts beat, how the facial muscles contract and how their skin sweats (yes, we used a lie detector!). And all this to find out what happens to their emotions depending on how the audio description is read.

Now we have ahead long weeks of counting results! I will let you know what came out of all of this!

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